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Ryoichi Chiba
Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Eng.

Academic Interests and Activity

Associate professor Chiba has conducted a variety of theoretical research on thermoelasticity of composite materials since university. He specialises in applying probabilistic methods to engineering problems and developing a novel method for the reliability design of advanced composite materials. Moreover, Chiba has considerable experience doing research in the area of heat and mass transfer; he conducted experimental/numerical research on heat transfer with phase change as a joint research project with an air-conditioning company. All the work mentioned above were carried out in collaboration with researchers from other Japanese universities: Iwate university, Ishinomaki Senshu university, Yamagata university, etc. Since 2008, Chiba has been pursuing research on plastic working, and specifically focuses on the development of high value-added materials through plastic working, such as rolling, extrusion and drawing. In early 2016, he undertook an atomistic study on grain boundary stability in metal, which is a collaboration with Thai researchers.


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sanyo-Onoda City University
1-1-1 Daigakudori, Sanyo-Onoda, 756-0884, Japan



BE, 1999 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iwate University, Morioka, Japan
Dr. Eng., 2009 Iwate University, Mechanical Engineering, Morioka, Japan

Professional Experiences

Associate professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sanyo-Onoda City University, Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi

Visiting researcher
Department of Mechanical Engineering
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Ladkrabang, Bangkok

Associate professor
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Asahikawa College, Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Yamagata University, Yonezawa, Yamagata

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Miyagi National College of Technology, Natori, Miyagi 

Courses Offered

Mechanics of materials (the 2nd grade, Mechanical engineering course)
Engineering materials (the 3rd grade, Mechanical engineering course)

Selected Publications

・  Chiba, R., Transient thermoelastic analysis of infinite plates with time-periodic heat transfer coefficient: frequency response of thermal stress. Journal of Thermal Stresses 41 (2018) 993-1007. Download

・   Chiba, R., Takeuchi, H., Nakamura, R., Forming-limit prediction of perforated aluminium sheets with square holes. The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design 50 (2015) 391-404. Download

・   Chiba, R., Yoshimura, M., Solid-state recycling of aluminium alloy swarf into c-channel by hot extrusion. Journal of Manufacturing Processes 17 (2015) 1-8. Download

・   Chiba, R., Takeuchi, H., Kuroda, M., Hakoyama, T., Kuwabara, T., Theoretical and experimental study of forming-limit strain of half-hard AA1100 aluminium alloy sheet. Computational Materials Science 77 (2013) 61-71. Download

・   Chiba, R., Reliability analysis of forming limits of anisotropic metal sheets with uncertain material properties. Computational Materials Science 69 (2013) 113-120. Download

・   Chiba, R., Sugano, Y., Optimisation of material composition of functionally graded materials based on multiscale thermoelastic analysis. Acta Mechanica 223 (2012) 891-909. Download

・   Chiba, R., Nakamura, T., Kuroda, M., Solid-state recycling of aluminium alloy swarf through cold profile extrusion and cold rolling. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 211 (2011) 1878-1887. Download

・   Chiba, R., Sugano, Y., Transient hygrothermoelastic analysis of layered plates with one-dimensional temperature and moisture variations through the thickness. Composite Structures 93 (2011) 2260-2268. Download

・   Chiba, R., Sugano, Y., Thermal stresses in bodies with random initial temperature distribution. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 15 (2010) 258-276.Download

・   Chiba, R., Stochastic thermal stresses in an FGM annular disc of variable thickness with spatially random heat transfer coefficients. Meccanica 44 (2009) 159-176. Download

・   Chiba, R., Sugano, Y., Stochastic analysis of a thermoelastic problem in functionally graded plates with uncertain material properties. Archive of Applied Mechanics 78 (2008) 749-764. Download